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Established in 2008, Oceana Florist, is a busy place full of flowers and scent, a lot of chatter, creativity and a whole load of leaves dropped on the floor. We buy our flowers from local and international growers. Each day has its different beauties. Therefore every bunch we make has its own character.

Every bunch that leaves our shop is different and made to our customer’s choice – thankfully there is no standard arrangement.

Oceana Florist offers a bespoke  ‘At Home’ flower delivery service, whether it be weekly flowers or for special occasions.

We lovingly install seasonal flowers and plants to private homes in our Greater Vancouver area and neighbourhood. Our vase arrangements and plant displays can enliven your rooms and enhance your home. Our floral decorations are tailored to your individual style, budget and room settings. They are reliably delivered and installed with discretion and attention to your needs. We are happy to supply vases on loan or arrange displays using your own preferred containers.

Decorating your home for Christmas

Oceana Florist is able to help you prepare your home for the festive season. We specialise in Christmas door wreaths, garlands for fireplaces and staircases, Advent wreaths and candle table decorations.

We tailor our creative designs to your personal style, whether that be rustic and traditional or more contemporary.  Oceana Florist uses a variety of decorations including both fresh and artificial berries, flowers, foliages with dried fruits, cones, lichen branches to coloured baubles, ribbons, metallic painted ferns.

If you would like to speak with us, simply contact us directly and  Ghada, Mary or Tony will be happy to discuss ways to decorate your home for Christmas.

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How to Keep Flowers Fresh

First thing’s first, always start with a sparkling clean vase. When you bring a flower bouquet home, immediately plunge the cut ends into fresh tap water. Letting too much air into the cut stems can prevent water uptake later.

Use a cut flower food to keep your blooms looking fresh. Commercial flower preservatives contain chemicals that stop microorganisms from growing and make water, which is usually alkaline, more acidic to match the cells of the flower stems. Flower food also includes sucrose (or sugar) to provide energy. If you don’t have a commercial flower food, try adding a sugary soft drink to the water. No matter which preservative you choose, always add it to warm water so that it can properly dissolve.  

Change the water in the vase every day. Use fresh water or make a fresh solution of water and cut flower food. Make sure the water is lukewarm before adding the flowers back to the vase. Snip a little off the ends of the stems every time you change the water and remove any spent blooms. Infection can spread easily from dead petals and wilted leaves.

Keep the bouquet out of direct sunlight or hot locations. Place it in the coolest spot in the house overnight. Avoid putting flowers in an enclosed area with fruits, such as apples, which release ethylene gas that causes flowers to wilt. Read more….





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