Vancouver Wedding Florist

 Oceana Florists is a new wave of floral designers who capture the essence of modern, contemporary and simple aesthetic European designs. 

Oceana designers excel in their art with their original, unique, distinctive and sophisticated style. We choose the most beautiful and elegant fresh flowers from local and international growers.  

The staff and management at Oceana Florists are committed to excellence. We keep consistent attention to quality and details and promise to make every wedding and event beautiful and memorable.

Oceana Florist Specializes in weddings coordination. Our formula is simply; listening to the requests, provide Elite Service with the Best local and imported flowers.


An Elegant Wedding at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver by Oceana Florists on “Wedding Bells” click on photos below to see more..

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Bridesmaid Bouquets Blue & White, Wedding at Holiday Inn, Abbotsford, BC.


Pew Arrangement at Vancouver Wedding
Pew Arrangement, Aisle Decoration at Vancouver Wedding


Table Centrepiece, Blue and Purple Gel in Tall Martini Glass, coyote Creek Golf Course, Surrey, BC.
Table Centrepiece, Blue Gel in Tall Martini Glass with white Hydrangea and phalaenopsis Orchids , coyote Creek Golf Course, Surrey, BC.

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