Would highly recommend. Reasonable, reliable and from personal experience excellent customer service. May Cordeiro
We just had our first daughter's wedding and we are speechless of the excellent services we got from Oceana Florists. Ghada, we thank you so much for your patience preparing everything professionally, your elegant taste that was beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend Ghada without a second of hesitation. Thanks again !! you made all of us so happy. Nahed Tadros
 Just placed the order for our daughter's wedding. Really appreciated the friendly and professional service, totally setting my mind at ease for this upcoming event. Very reasonable prices too! Everything a mother-of-the-bride appreciates after a year of planning. Barb Merkley
 another successful wedding with Oceana florists flowers. Barb Merkley


Every time I go to Oceana Florists, I am greeted with a friendly smile and an amazing sense of welcome. The staff are truly dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate about their business, friendly, helpful and are always making great suggestions.The floral arrangements I have purchased have always been well done, elegantly packaged and have received great reviews from those receiving them. I feel proud to present those to people on any occasion. As a matter of fact I am often asked where I got the flowers from and often the people receiving them ask for directions to their location. Their prices are very reasonable. They have come through for me on more than one occasion when I was in a rush to get a bouquet ready in a short time. Thank you Oceana Florists!  Sam Seraphim
As  a wedding planner I could not ask for a more professional, experienced, and cost effective florist. Not only is her work outstanding and recognized, but will not cost a bride an arm and a leg."They work with each florist to ensure they get what they want at the price that works for them". Oceana Florists, You are absolutely outstanding. 

 A Wedding Planner