How to Celebrate Easter

Easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians. Once a year Christians celebrate the story of Jesus Christ and his resurrection after execution. The day is also one that features Easter egg decorating and the Easter egg hunt. However you choose to celebrate Easter it’s a great time to spend together with friends and family, enjoying one another’s company and a great meal.


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Attend Easter services. Almost every Christian church will offer an Easter service on Easter Sunday. Exactly what the service will consist off will vary depending on your church. However, attending any Easter church service can be a good way to focus on the Christian messages that accompany the holiday. •Ask your local church if they are having an Easter sermon.
•Discover what time the service will be held at.
•Review the Easter story before attending the service to get the most out of it.


Read the Easter story in your bible. Taking some time on your Easter Sunday to read over the Easter story can be a good way to focus on the meaning behind the holiday. Reminding yourself why the holiday is celebrated can help you to engage more fully with your faith and its traditions.[1] •Much of the Easter story is found in the New Testament.
•The story of Easter is found primarily in the books of Matthew, John, Luke and Mark.


Focus on the personal meaning this holiday has for you. Attending a church service or reading over the Easter story can both be great ways to focus on the meaning of the holiday. However, taking some time on your Easter Sunday to reflect on the personal meaning of the holiday can help you discover what it means to you. •Spend some time alone thinking about what Easter means to you.
•Share your thoughts and feeling about the holiday with your friends and family.

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